Accepted Oral Presentations

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Indranil Misra, Abhishek Kumar Sinha, Tushar Shukla, Sunita Arya, Vivek Sharma, Neha Gaur, S Manthira Moorthi and Debajyoti Dhar
Manchikanti Suresh Kumar, T Radhika, M Manju Sarma and Prakash Chauhan
Arnab Muhuri, Kalifa Goita, Ramata Magagi, Hongquan Wang, Abhinav Verma and Avik Bhattacharya
Sonakshi Mehrotra, Anil Kumar and Arijit Roy
Arunkumar Heddallikar, Avik Bhattacharya, Raymond Pinto, Kokila R, Aditya Deodhar and Y. S. Rao Y
Amos Bortiew and Swarnajyoti Patra
Xin Zhao, Rongjie Liu and Yi Ma
Sandeep Kumar, Swarnendu Sekhar Ghosh, Dipankar Mandal, Alok Porwal and Avik Bhattacharya
Swarnendu Sekhar Ghosh, Unmesh Khati, Sandeep Kumar, Avik Bhattacharya and Marco Lavalle
Krishna Murari Agrawal, Raghav Mehra and Manavala Ramanujam Venugopalan
Tathagata Chakraborty, Dharmendra Pandey, Sushil Singh, Binita Phartiyal and Deepak Putrevu
Samneet Thakur, Krishna Murari Agrawal and V Manavala Ramanujam
Anjali Raj, Adway Mitra and Manjira Sinha
Jayantrao Mohite, Suryakant Sawant, Ankur Pandit and Srinivasu Pappula
Amir Mustofa Irawan, Mercè Vall-Llossera, Carlos López-Martínez, Adriano Camps, David Chaparro, Gerard Portal, Miriam Pablos and Alberto Alonso-González
Shikhar Saxena and Sonam Agrawal
Rohit Gandikota and Deepak Mishra
Ajay Kumar Maurya, Rishika Yadav, Anjana Naga Jyothi Kukunuri and Dharmendra Singh
Sai Ganesh Veeravalli, Senthil Balaganesh, Dhanalakshmi Silamaban, Satya Kiran Raju Alluri, Ramanathan V and Uma Sankar Panda
Vivek Parmar, Narayani Bhatia, Shubham Negi and Manan Suri
Aiswarya Lakshmi K K, Swaroop Sahoo, Sounak Kumar Biswas and V Chandrasekar
Ujjwal Kumar Swain and Vinay Kumar
Krishan Kumar and Alok Bhardwaj
Hritaban Ghosh, Shankho Subhra Pal, Ankita Saha, Jayanta Mukhopadhyay and Sudeshna Sarkar
Athira S, Swaroop Sahoo, Steffy Benny and V Chandrasekhar
Digambar Londhe and Yashwant Katpatal
Keerthi V, Radhika T, Manju Sarma M and Prakash Chauhan
Ellen Brock
Shivam Trivedi, Rama Subramoniam S., Manjula V.B., Sudha Ravindranath, Deepika Shetty and Hebbar R.
D Shanmukha Rao, T Radhika, V Keerthi, G Suma, M Manju Sarma and Chauhan Prakash
Rahisha Thottoil, Uttam Kumar and Aswathi Mundayatt
Manoj Kumar Mishra, Rishi K Gangwar, Munn Vinayak Shukla, Prashant Kumar and Pradeep Thapliyal
N Raghavender, P.K Saritha, B Santhisree, S Sri Sudha and Manju Sarma
Sehajpal Singh and Deepak Singh
Sankalp Dhondi and Hitendra Sarma Thogarcheti
Vaibhav Tyagi, Saurabh Das, Sambit Kumar Panda and Bipasha Paul Shukla
Sakshi Jain, Unmesh Khati and Vineet Kumar
Shivika Saxena and Ramji Dwivedi
Vidya A, Poompavai V, Ramachandra Hebbar and Mahantesh K R
Nalluri Ahalya and Dr H Ramesh
Dhruv Desai, Mehul Pandya, Himanshu Trivedi, Naveen Agrawal, Jalpesh Dave, Hasmukh Varchand, Parthkumar Parmar, Dhiraj Shah, Vishal Pathak and Manoj Singh
Hitesh Jain, Sagar Verma and Siddharth Gupta
Moonis Ali, Bharat Lohani, Markus Hollaus and Norbert Pfeifer
Hrushikesh Rajeev, Abhishek A Pathak and Punithraj Gururaj
Abhijith T, Humaira Sanam, Aby K Mathai and Gnanappazham L
Md Aminur Hossain, Ashutosh Gupta, Subhajit Paul, Sanjay K. Singh, S. Devakanth Naidu and Debajyoti Dhar
Pratyush Talreja, Surya Durbha and Chetan Mahajan
Ishita Singh and Sharad Chander
Kounik De Sarkar, Surajit Ghosh, Soumya Bhattacharyya and Anuva Chowdhury
Chetan Mahajan, Surya Durbha and Pratyush Talreja
Soma Satya Praveen Mutyala, Suraj Reddy Rodda, Rajashekar Gopalakrishnan, Praveen Kumar Bandi and Anil Yadav
Saicharan Vasala and Shwetha H R
INS-2B Nano-MX In-Orbit Sensor Performance And Initial Data Processing Results
Automatic Geo-Location Accuracy Computation Software For EOS-06: OCM3 Data Products
Impact Of Diurnal Variations On Compact Polarimetric SAR Decomposition
Vegetation Index-Based Classification Of Pinus Roxburghii And Quercus Leucotricophora In Himalayan Temperate Forest Using Fuzzy Machine Learning Model
Ground Based ARC SAR Interferometry Using VNA
Active Learning Using Multifeature Kernel Sparse Representation Classifier For Hyperspectral Image Classification
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Reflectance Data Augmentation Method For Red Tide Dominant Species Based On Condition Generative Adversarial Net
A Sentinel-2 Vegetation Health Index
GP4F - A Gaussian Process Regression Model For Forest Biomass Retrieval Utilizing Simulated NISAR Data
L & S Band Airborne SAR Campaign Over USA : Data Processing And Calibration
Characterization Of Permafrost Active Layer Using Polarimetric Sar And Ground Data Over North-Western Indian Himalaya
Dead Range Gaps Estimation In NISAR S-Band Sweep SAR
Mapping Maharashtra’s Slums Using Google Earth Engine
Forest Above Ground Biomass Estimation Using Gedi Observations Over Indian Forest
Impact Of Jet Stream Features On Estimating Burned Areas Using Machine Learning During The South Asian Heatwave Of 2022
Numerical Simulation Of Surface Albedo And Temperature Over New Delhi Using Nested WRF Model
CDQN: Context Infused Sequential Object Detection With Deep Reinforcement Learning In Aerial Images
An Approach To Flood Monitoring With Sentinel-1 Data Over Dehradun Region
UAV Based Topographic Survey Of Inaccessible Remote Terrains
Exploration Of Optimized Semantic Segmentation Architectures For Edge-Deployment On Drones
Spectral Polarimetry For Inferring The Dynamic Behavior Of Hail, Rain And Their Temporal Evolution In A Convective Storm During The Relampago Field Campaign
Comparative Analysis Of Classification Algorithms For Pre- and Post-Minimum Noise Fraction Transformation Of Prisma Hyperspectral Data
Surface Displacement Monitoring At Joshimath Region, Uttarakhand Using SBAS-INSAR
Time Series Prediction Of Multi-Spectral Satellite Images And Its Application For Cloud Removal
Minimum Variance Distortionless Response Based Distributed Beamforming Technique For C-Band Weather Radar
An Event Based Analysis Of Vegetation Variation And Its Teleconnections With Enso And IOD Events
Radiometric Cross Validation Of Resourcesat-2/2A LISS3 Sensor Surface Reflectance Products With RADCALNET Data
Urban Heat Island In Bangalore At The Ward Level: An Analysis Using Google Earth Engine
Application Of High Resolution Satellite Images For Comprehensive Spatial Development Planning At Grassroot Level
Remote Sensing Image De-Striping Using Deep Convolutional Networks
Predicting Urban Expansion Using A Patch-Generating Land Use Simulation (Plus) Model: A Case Study In Bangalore City, India
Performance Evaluation Of EOS-07 Millimeter Wave Humidity Sounder (EOS-07 MHS) And Retrieval Of Specific Humidity Profile
Cross Calibration Of Resourcesat-2A LISS-3 With Landsat-8 OLI Over Niger-2 Pseudo Invariant Calibration Site
Interannual Variations In Snow Albedo In Mcmurdo Crater, Mars
KMNET For Hyperspectral Unmixing
Investigating The Role Of Horizontal Winds In Understanding Extreme Rainfall Events: 2018 Kerala Floods Case Study
Soybean Phenology Monitoring Using Synthetic Aperture
Leveraging Multi-Source Earth Observations For High Resolution Mapping Of Precipitable Water Vapor
Geospatial Techniques For Assessment Of Loss In Reservoir Storage Capacity- A Case Study Of Tungabhadra Reservoir
Restoring Wet Troposhere Data In Retrieving Water Level From Minor Track Of SRAL Over Srisailam Reservoir, India
Retrieval Of Atmospheric Water Vapor Using Band Ratio Method And Its Validation With Modis Satellite Data
Investigating Large Vision Model Training Challenges On Satellite Datasets
Hybrid Approach For Precise Volume Estimation Of Buttressed Trees: Poisson Surface Reconstruction And Treeqsm Integration
Quantifying Surface Soil Moisture Variability Through Synergistic Applications Of Sar And Machine Learning Techniques
Mapping High-Resolution Digital Terrain Model Using Terrestrial Lidar Scanner In A Mangrove Wetland Ecosystem
Reconstruction Of Missing Multiband Images For High Resolution Multispectral Sensors Using Wasserstein GANS
Unmasking Devastation: Near Real-Time Earthquake-Induced Building Damage Detection
Macro-Scale Spatial Assessment Of Flood Inundated Areas Using Multi-Temporal Sentinel-1 SAR Images
Mitigating Ch4 Emission From Hydroelectric Reservoirs Using GEE And G-RES: Case Study From A Tropical Reservoir
Earth Observation (EO) Datacube Analysis For Applications In Vegetation And Forest Fire
Fire Affected Area Estimation For Long Duration Fire Events In Odisha Using Multi-Sensor Data Fusion And Machine Learning
Quantification And Assessment Of The Virtual Water Content Of Rice Crop: A Case Study Of Mysore District, India