Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General (FAQs)

Can I attend the conference in online mode?
The conference is an in-person one, with limited scope for online participation. The following applies to online participation:
1. The registration fees will be the same for both online and in-person attendance, as we strongly encourage the latter.
2. All presenters are to be available in person, and if otherwise, he/she must give the general chairs a strong reason(s) for their inability to attend in person and choose the online mode — the available slots for online presentations are limited.
3. Interactive and networking events such as WiE/DEI/etc. will not be available for online participants.
4. Even though tutorials will be available for online participants registered for the same, the presenter(s) will prioritize the participants attending in person. A delay may be expected in sharing all materials of the tutorials, given the priority for in-person participation.
Can multiple participants from the same company/organization use the same registration for making a presentation?

A registration can be linked to only one participant, and if a group from an organization is attending the conference, each participant must register independently.

Research Paper Submission

How do I prepare my paper? What are the formatting guidelines? Is there any page limit?

All research papers (including those submitted to invited special sessions) must follow the InGARSS authors’ guidelines. Please refer Author Guidelines | InGARSS 2023 for more details.

What is the link for submitting papers?

The paper must be submitted on EasyChair using the following link:

What are the different topics available on the submission website in EasyChair?

The topics are used for assigning submissions to reviewers and efficient management of submitted papers. Please submit any one of the topics under “Research Track”, if you intend to submit a full research paper.

Will the proceedings of InGARSS 2023 appear in IEEE Xplore?

All papers submitted under “Research Track” will undergo single-blind peer review, and accepted papers will be submitted to IEEE for publication in IEEEXplore (IEEE Conference Record # 59135). Publication in IEEEXplore will be granted only if the paper meets IEEE publication policies and procedures

Can multiple accepted papers be presented by one registration?

Only a single accepted paper can be linked to an author registration. If the same author has to submit multiple accepted papers, the author will need that many registrations.