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Registration for InGARSS 2023 is a 2-step process:

    1. Selecting the relevant registration type and filling in the details,
    2. Completing the payment – post verification of application.
Registration Process
  1. Participants will click the “Register Now” button to start the registration process.
  2. Participants are given 3 options:
    1. Student (Resident of India)
    2. Professionals/Researchers/Practitioners (Resident of India)
    3. Student/Professionals/Researchers/Practitioners (Residents outside India)
  3. Participants interested in attending the Tutorials must also select the Tutorials category along with their regular registration (shown above) to gain access to these sessions.
  4. Please note, that if you’re presenting more than one paper, the registration must be repeated for each paper ID.
  5. Once the participant clicks on “Proceed”, they will be required to give their details.
  6. Participants must specify if they’re an IEEE member, IEEE & GRSS member or a non-member.
  7. Once submitted, the application will be reviewed and if accepted, the participant will receive a confirmation to their registered email address. The payment details will be shared through this email only. Make sure to complete the payment to receive your ticket(s).

Registrations are non-transferable. It cannot be shared across Papers/Tutorials/Tracks. It is unique for each participant/contribution.

Important Information for International Delegates
  1. International Delegates and/or Residents outside India are required to follow the same registration process as outlined above. If you’re attending in-person, a Conference VISA is required.
  2. The Conference VISA application must be filled out after the registration application (before payment).
  3. More details are available here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to confirm my registration?

Once you have finished the application form and submitted the details, we will review your application and if accepted send you a link to the payment gateway to your registered email ID. Please complete the payment to receive the tickets. The verification process will happen in 1-2 business days.

What is this verification process?

To provide early bird pricing, student discounts and travel support, we have to verify if a participant is an IEEE, IEEE & GRSS, Student or non-member. Once this is done, we will notify the participant by email to continue with the payment.

How do I register for multiple presentations?
In the registration form, please select the amount of tickets you would like to purchase, under your relevant category (student/professional/resident outside India). You must provide the paper ID(s) in the application form for us to track your registration.
Can multiple participants from the same company/organization use the same registration for making a presentation?

A registration can be linked to only one participant, and if a group from an organization is attending the conference, each participant must register independently.