The Bangalore Section Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) Chapter was established on 24 December 2012 with the aim of uniting like-minded members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) who share an interest in research areas related to remote sensing, geoscience, and Geographic Information Science (GISci). Its primary objective is to create a platform that brings together individuals from various backgrounds and facilitates the exchange of knowledge and expertise in the fields of remote sensing and geosciences. 

One of the key activities organized by this chapter is the arrangement of short courses, where renowned experts in remote sensing and geoscience are invited to share their insights and advancements in these fields. These courses are primarily tailored for young postgraduate students, Ph.D. scholars, post-doctoral researchers, young faculty members, and researchers from the industry, aiming to provide them with valuable knowledge and promote professional development.

Over time, the chapter has expanded its reach and influence. In the year 2021-22, it successfully incorporated office bearers and members from the industry, thereby fostering collaboration between academia and the professional sector. Additionally, regional subsections, including Mangalore, Mysore, and others, have been established to ensure wider participation and engagement.

The growth and expansion of the chapter have yielded significant outcomes. Notably, the formation of the first student chapter in NITK, Surathkal, in 2021 can be attributed to this expansion, indicating the positive impact and influence of the Bangalore Section GRSS Chapter in promoting knowledge sharing and fostering academic growth in the field of remote sensing and geosciences.

Organising Committee

Chief Patron Prof. Debabrata Das, Director, IIIT Bangalore
General Chairs Dr. B. S. Daya Sagar, ISI Bangalore
Dr. Jaya Sreevalsan Nair, IIIT Bangalore
Dr. Avik Bhattacharya, IIT Bombay
TPC Chairs Dr. Ujjwal Verma, MIT Bangalore
Dr. Karthikeyan Lanka, IIT Bombay
Dr. Saroj K. Meher, ISI Bangalore
Sponsorship Chairs Vishnu Subbaiah, HALG (GALG Group)
Gurudatta K N, VeriDaaS
Finance Chairs Gurudatta K N, VeriDaaS
Dr. Dhanya Pankaj, College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram
Dr. Uttam Kumar, IIIT Bangalore
Tutorials & Invited Sessions Chairs Dr. Shyam Lal, NITK Surathkal
Dr. Shilpa Suresh, MIT Manipal
Publications Chairs Dr. Hitendra Sarma, Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad
Dr. Alejandro Frery, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Dr. M. C. Chandan, NIE Mysore
Webmaster & Publicity Chairs Amruth Kiran, IIHS Bangalore
Midhun Mohan, IIHS Bangalore
Satyabrat Sukla, IIHS Bangalore
WIE/DEI Chairs Aswathi Mundayatt, IIIT Bangalore
Rahisha Thottolil, IIIT Bangalore
Babitha Ganesh, MIT Manipal
Saicharan Vasala, NITK Surathkal
Basavaraju K S, NITK Surathkal
Doctoral Colloquium Chairs Dr. Sangita Chaudhari, RAIT
Dr. Ramiya, IIST Thiruvananthapuram
Local Arrangements Chairs Dr. Tillotama Goswami, VCE, Hyderabad
Dr. Rajashekara Hesaraghatta, ISI Bangalore
Dr. Nagajothi Kannan, NRSC, Bangalore
YP Chairs Aman Bagrecha, Blue Sky Analytics
Thiyaku S, Satyukt Analytics
Santhosh M, Blue Sky Analytics
International Advisory Committee Dr. Akira Hirose, University of Tokyo, Japan
Dr. Bharat Lohani, IIT Kanpur, India
Dr. D. Nagesh Kumar, IISc Bangalore, India
Dr. Mihai Datchu, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany
Dr. Lorenzo Bruzzone, University of Trento, Italy
Dr. Shiv Mohan, IEEE GRSS India Liaison, India
Dr. T. V. Ramachandra, IISc Bangalore, India
Dr. Shashi Shekhar, University of Minnesota, USA
Dr. Vijayan Asari, University of Dayton Ohio, USA
Dr. K. S. Rajan, IIIT Hyderabad
Dr. Paul Rosen, JPL, USA
Dr. Prakash Chauhan, NRSC, India
Prof. Y. S. Rao, IIT Bombay
Awards & Travel Grants Chairs Dr. Unmesh Khati, IIT Indore
Dr. Kuldeep Kurte, Jio Platforms Ltd., Hyderabad
Industry Track & Exhibits Chairs Dr. Ramakrishnan Raman, Honeywell
Dr. Naresh Mallenahalli, NRSC, Hyderabad
Dr. Sashikumar N., ACIWRM GoK, Bangalore
Dr. V S S Kiran, Garudalytics