InGARSS 2023 Media Kit

The InGARSS 2023 media kit consolidates select digital assets of the website for quick access by participants, media, organisers and sponsors for their use. The InGARSS 2023 logo and banner can be used for digital and physical creatives pertaining to InGARSS 2023 conference only, for any other purposes please write to us at

InGARSS 2023 Presentation Template

The presentation template is a PPTx file with layouts, fonts, logo and banner of InGARSS 2023 pre-included. This can be used by authors/speakers of all tracks. If you’d rather use your own template, please refer to the content below for the logo, banner and topography to be used.

InGARSS 2023 Color Palette

The overall color scheme uses the following:

  • navy-blue: #000088;
  • cobalt-blue: #004aad;
  • azul: #0c71c3;
  • school-bus-yellow: #ffde00f;
  • white: #ffffffff;

Shades/Gradients of the above colors can also be used.

InGARSS 2023 Logo

InGARSS 2023 Logo (PNG)

InGARSS 2023 Logo (SVG)

InGARSS 2023 Logo (JPG)

InGARSS 2023 Logo (PDF)

InGARSS 2023 Banner

Download as PNG

Download as SVG

Download and JPG

Download as PDF

InGARSS 2023 Typography

InGARSS 2023 website and creative on social media use the “League Spartan” family of font styles from Google Fonts. For more information on the style check the link below.