What is GRSS IDEA?

The IDEA Program shall Inspire, Develop, Empower, and Advance (IDEA) all GRSS members and affiliates of accredited societies who are interested in the fields of interest of the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS). We celebrate, support and thrive on our differences for the benefit of our members and our GRSS community. The committee is responsible for planning and organizing activities across regions, chapters, and conferences to develop, empower, and advance engineers and scientists from diverse backgrounds (technical, regional, gender, etc.), and inspire members around the world to follow their technical interests to a career in geoscience and remote sensing. The committee also strives to inspire a future generation of engineers and scientists through various groups working with students at all levels of academics. The IDEA committee envisions a vibrant GRSS community collectively using their diverse talents to innovate for the benefit of humanity.

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What's Happening at InGARSS 2023?

There are two events at InGARSS 2023 as part of GRSS IDEA:

    1. A panel discussion about the GRSS chapter’s best practices and challenges – Dr. Gulab Singh, Chair of the GRSS Bombay Section; Dr. Jaya Sreevalsan Nair, Chair of the GRSS Bangalore Section and Dr. Shiv Mohan, IEEE GRSS India Liaison will be speaking at the panel discussion.
    2. A presentation about GRSS funding opportunities for chapter and student branches – Ms. Pubali Mukherjee, Member of the IEEE GRSS IDEA Team will speak at the second event.

Both events will be moderated by Mr. S. K. P. Kushwaha, Member of IEEE GRSS IDEA Team.

GRSS IDEA Event Speakers


Dr. Gulab Singh is currently an Associate Professor with CSRE, IIT Bombay. His main research interests in Cryosphere and Radar Polarimetry include radar remote sensing of water stored in snowpack and glaciers regions, radar polarimetry and polarimetric SAR data decomposition, and inversion and SAR tomography techniques. He served as lead organizer of the 2-Days Microwave Remote Sensing Workshop at CSRE IIT Bombay (2015), lead organizer of 1-day BRICS workshop on “Remote Sensing of Cryosphere” under Diamond Jubilee event at IIT Bombay (2019), local Technical Program Committee (TPC) Member of National Conference on Himalayan Cryosphere (2017), TPC member of The 6th Asia-Pacific Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar (APSAR-2019), Session Chair in IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (2019), Session Chair International Polarimetric SAR workshop Tokyo (2019), Session Chair of Japan-India-Russia Symposium on Geospatial data for Environment Monitoring (2019) and Session Chair in IEEE International India Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (InGRASS 2020), TPC member of the 7th APSAR-2021 and TPC Member and Session Chair, IEEE InGRASS 2021.

Career and Achievements

Currently is serving as an associate editor of Journal of Indian Society of Remote Sensing and guest editor. He is a distinguished lecturer at DLP/IEEE/GRSS. He is a recipient of UGC Fellowship (2003 – 2005), MHRD Fellowship (2007- April 2010) and JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship (2014). He was honored with the UNESCO Scientific Grant award (2007), 2nd Best Paper Prize at National Snow Science Workshop (2008), Award of Excellence Research work in Ph.D. Thesis by IIT Bombay (2011), Young Faculty Awards (2014-2018) by IIT Bombay, Best Young Scientist Paper Award at 15th International Symposium on Equatorial Aeronomy (2018), and IEICE Best Tutorial Paper Award-2018 by Institute of Electronics, Information and communication Engineers (IEICE) Communications Society, Japan (2019). He is also recipient of National Geomatics Award for Excellence 2021 and National Geospatial Award for Excellence 2021.


Dr. Gulab Singh

Chair, GRSS Bombay Section


Dr. Shiv Mohan is a renowned researcher and educator with specialization in microwave remote sensing. He has played a key role in the development and applications of microwave remote sensing technologies in India during his career at ISRO spanning over 33 years He has led various research initiatives like joint ISRO-DLR airborne radar campaigns, multi frequency ground-based radar experiments and satellite SAR applications through global announcement opportunity from NASA/DLR, ESA, JAXA and Italian Space agency. His initiatives resulted in the development of ISRO’s applications program like Joint experiment program, Disaster SAR and Satellite SAR programs. He was the main architect of India’s first RISAT utilization program where he worked as Project Director until 2011. He was also lead contributor of Chandrayaan-1 Mini SAR water ice detection model and in the definition of Chandrayaan-2 dual frequency SAR. After retiring from ISRO, he worked with Physical Research Laboratory where he evolved applications of dual frequency microwave data for lunar water ice detection, regolith depth modelling and crater morphology. He has served as a member of 70 technical committee of ISRO including RISAT-1, Chandrayaan-1/2 and future Venus mission.

Career and Achievements

Dr. Shiv Mohan has 320 research papers in Journals, conferences, ISRO reports and conducted about 190 tutorials. He has authored a book on Chandrayaan-1 Mini SAR data investigation. He has guided 22 PG and three PhD dissertations. His outstanding contributions have been recognized with prestigious awards, including the Indian National Remote Sensing Award (1995) and IEEE (Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society) Outstanding Service Award (2022), making him the first Indian scientist to receive this honour. He is also a recipient of outstanding reviewer award from Elsevier, Netherland (2015). He has served as visiting scientist at DLR, Germany during 1980 ,1981 and Chief Scientist, HARSAC, Haryana Government during 1998 to 2001. Currently, he is visiting Professor at CEPT University, Nirma University and Gujarat University. Dr Shiv Mohan was instrumental towards the growth of IEEE GRSS Society in Indian region. He initiated IEEE GRSS supported conference In India known as InGARSS and served as general chair of InGARSS 2020 and IGARSS 2021. He was also responsible for establishing a GRSS virtual GRSS Lab for India. He is Executive committee member of IEEE (Gujarat) for the year 2021-2023 and IEEE India Council- 2023. He is founder Chair of IEEE GRSS Gujarat Chapter and IEEE GRSS liaison for India.

Dr. Shiv Mohan

IEEE GRSS India Liaison


Dr. Jaya Sreevalsan Nair is currently a faculty member at the International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIITB). She leads the  Graphics-Visualization-Computing Lab and is one of the core team members of the E-Health Research Center at IIITB. Jaya has research interests in data visualization, data science workflow design, and computational science. She works on identifying appropriate ensemble methods in data science workflows for complex datasets. She focuses on data representation using second-order tensors, matrices, and networks for varied applications. Some of her recent work includes uncertainty analysis of the semantic classification of LiDAR point clouds, hazard susceptibility mapping, spatial and statistical analysis of population surveys, automated data extraction from chart images, and community detection in biological and brain networks.

Career and Achievements

Dr. Jaya’s work has been supported by grants from the government (SERB, DST, GoK), and industry (Intel, IBM), to name a few. She is an ACM Senior Member and IEEE Senior Member. Jaya is currently an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (TCSVT), an Academic Editor of PLOS Complex Systems, and the Chair of the IEEE GRSS Bangalore Section Slate. She has been awarded the Best Associate Editor of IEEE TCSVT for 2021. Before joining IIITB, she worked as a scientific programmer at Enthought Inc. Austin and as a research associate at Texas Advanced Computing Center, the University of Texas at Austin. Jaya obtained her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California, Davis; after a B.Tech from the IIT Madras and an M.S. from Mississippi State University.

Dr. Jaya Sreevalsan Nair

Chair. GRSS Bangalore Section

Community Events

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